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Native Angler Fishing Charters

Florida Fishing Charters

Native Angler Fishing Charters is a Tampa Bay fishing charter that provides the best local Florida fishing adventures for people of all ages and skill levels, ensuring that every person that steps onboard has a fantastic time and comes back with thrilling stores to tell of their time out on the water! Our excursions include grouper, tarpon, kingfish, snook, redfish, trout – and there are plenty of fish to go around year-round!

Captain Ben Urion Makes Every Fishing Charter Special

Captain Ben Urion brings his love and expertise in the fishing trade to thousands of people every year. Ben has cultivated 15 years of experience in the local waters, thanks to guidance from seasoned captains in the Bay area. Captain Urion’s engaging personality and extensive knowledge ensure that every person on the fishing charter will have the best time learning how to fish and hooking the best catches of the day! Ben’s passion and dedication to being the best fishing charter never fails to delight and inspire his guests to keep coming back for more trips!



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Fishing Charters are Fantastic for Families

If you’re searching for an incredible family adventure, look no further than Native Angler Fishing Charters. No matter what type of fishing charter you choose to take, you’ll discover that adults and children of all ages will absolutely love it. Every person in your group will be engaged throughout the trip and have a blast out in Florida’s beautiful waters!

Perfect for Corporate Outings

Whether your company is searching for its next team-building exercise or simply wants to reward executives and employees for their efforts, our fishing charter is definitely up to the challenge. You can choose from a few excursions’ lengths – four, six, and eight hours – that fit your schedule. Sign up with us and we’ll be sure that everyone has an incredible time.

Best Locations Every Time

In addition to boating experience and expertise, Captain Ben Urion knows the Tampa Bay area like the back of his hand. With 15 years of fishing under his belt, he has studied these waters so closely that he can identify which spots are best for the type of fishing you’re searching for. This impeccable skill makes every excursion even more memorable.

Fishing Experience Level Makes No Difference

Native Angler Fishing Charters doesn’t believe in excluding anyone from the fun and excitement that fishing has to offer. Whether you’re a novice who has never stepped foot on a boat or a seasoned-fishermen who’s been on thousands of excursions, our fishing charter service will make sure that you have an experience of a lifetime.

Fishing Charters for Every Budget

There’s no reason for a fishing adventure to cost you an arm and a leg. Our charter fishing guide has carefully designed a series of reasonably priced in-shore and off-shore charters that span four, six, and eight hours so that you can choose the one that is best for you or your group and best for your budget, without skimping on quality, of course.

Sponsored by Mercury

Captain Ben Urion is certainly a person you will love and trust throughout your adventure, and his sponsorship by Mercury is proof of that. Ben is a proud member of Mercury Motors Pro Team Staff and has proven himself to be an indispensable asset. You’ll no doubt agree once you see him in action.


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Native Angler Fishing Charters
Native Angler Fishing Charters