Fishing Trips in Florida

Florida is your ultimate blueprint when googling the best fishing destinations. With easy access to the Gulf Stream, it’s also home to various reefs, wrecks, estuaries, inlets, rivers, and bays where bountiful species of fish make their home. Booking your Florida fishing trips with professional Native Angler’s Fishing Charters increases your chances of having a perfect day out to sea!

Popular Florida Fishing Trips

You may be wondering what the best fishing charters in Florida are, and there are certainly plenty of options. The truth is that all fishing destinations in Florida are worthwhile, mainly if you target fishing in season. Below are our favorite fishing charters based on booking frequency, positive reviews, and diversity of fish species.

Clearwater and Tampa Bay

The shallow waters of Clearwater are rich in different fish species, most of which are available throughout the year. The fish you target in Clearwater during your Florida fishing trips depends on the season and the best way to know what fish species are open for catching and keeping is to book a charter with a seasoned captain! In most cases, our Native Angler Fishing Charters to Clearwater targets the following species:

  • Redfish– During warm weather, the number of flying baits and pinfish is on the rise. Consequently, large schools of redfish invade Clearwater flats devouring these baitfish. With that said, book your private redfish fishing charter to Clearwater during summer for the ideal time to catch this type of fish.
  • Snook– warm waters in Clearwater make excellent feeding grounds for snook. If you plan on going snook fishing in Clearwater, book a private fishing charter with Capt. Ben Urion from the end of May to early October when there’re large schools of snook in the region.
  • Tarpon– tarpon migrate in large schools from north to south during May. A successful tarpon fishing experience requires a lot of patience and starting your fishing expedition early in the morning.
  • Trouttrout fishing in Clearwater is regulated, and thanks to the ban, we can now see spotted sea trout making a comeback. Trout spawning season in Clearwater begins in April until September, making a perfect time to go trout fishing. The colder winter months are also an excellent time to book fishing trips to Florida if you want to catch trout. During these chilly months, you’ll find large schools of trout at St. Joseph, just north of Clearwater.

Choose the Best Florida Fishing Guide

The success of your Florida fishing trips depends on the fishing charter you choose. With over 15 years of experience, our Native Anglers Fishing Charter offers you the best fishing guide throughout Florida. We offer fishing charters for everyone regardless of fishing experience. Contact us today for a group charter or private fishing charter and experience a great time out on the water!