Redfish Fishing

Whether you’re a veteran angler looking for Redfish fishing charters in Palm Harbor, or you are newer to charter fishing and seeking a spectacular experience, Native Angler Fishing Charters is the name to know. With over 15 years of local fishing experience and a strong passion for fishing and all that the craft entails, Captain Ben Urion is dedicated to providing a first-class experience.

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What You Need to Know About Redfish Fishing Charters

For the most part, Redfish are a shallow water fish, often found inshore during the warmer months, including salt marsh creeks and rivers. During colder seasons Redfish migrate further out and can be found more commonly near both natural and artificial reefs. Redfish are an excellent option when seeking a plentiful and fun fishing experience. Once you catch one, you’re nearly certain to catch more!

With our extensive experience with Redfish fishing charters, Native Angler and Captain Ben Urion can identify the ideal locations for your Redfish fishing charter to guarantee a substantially higher chance of targeting, finding, and successfully fishing local Palm Harbor Redfish.

At Native Angler Fishing Charters, we offer Redfish charters in all seasons. Charters can be planned for half-days, three-quarter days, or for full day (8 hour) charters.

Redfish respond very well to a wide variety of bait types, both live and artificial. Live shrimp, mud minnows, and small bait fish like mullet or shad are all viable and effective, as are lures and plugs—particularly those modeled after baitfish and swim tails.

You’ve no shortage of options for your Redfish charter to be certain. However, Native Angler and Captain Ben Urion can provide an experience unlike any other. Our charters are tailored to the sought experience and needs of each of our clients, whether you’re looking to fish with an experienced professional alongside, or you need a seasoned and experienced fisherman to help you learn the ropes.

Captain Urion grew up learning the trade from the best and most widely-respected Charter Captains in the Palm Harbor area, and seeks to share his passion for fishing and experience with local fish with all of his clients. We are also sponsored by Mercury, and are proud members of the Mercury Motors Pro Team Staff!

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Whether you’re looking to find out more, or you’re ready to get started in planning for your next fishing adventure, trust in the experience, skill, and devotion of Native Angler. Our Redfish fishing charters are unmatched in the Palm Harbor area, and we look forward to providing you with an experience you’ll never forget!

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