Group Charters

Booking a group charter allows you to view nature at its finest while in the company of your loved ones. Unlike when you take the boat on your own, Native Anglers Fishing Charters captain navigates the water expertly, so you can have all the fishing fun without worrying. The captain and the crew will also teach you some pro fishing tips to make the fishing trip a success.

Private fishing charters are beneficial in that your team doesn’t need to have advanced skills or knowledge to participate in the activity. To get the best spot, consider booking Florida fishing charters on a weekday instead of over the weekends when everyone is trolling for a place.

Benefits of Booking a Group Charter on a Weekday

Many people venture into sports fishing over the weekend hoping to hook a big haul of fish. But why not break from the norm and book a private fishing charter on a weekday? Here are some benefits of doing so:

1. There’s Less Competition

The only way to have a productive fishing trip is by going to the best fishing spots. Unfortunately, all these spots are crowded during the weekends, making it hard for your group to enjoy the trip as they should. Going out on a weekday is different since the competition is much less. So, whether you had gone out for kingfish fishing, grouper fishing, or tarpon fishing, you can relax knowing that you’ll hook and reel in your share.

Reasons to Hire a Private Fishing Charter

When going on a group charter, you have the option of using an open boat or private fishing charters. Public charters are open to anyone and accept fishers until they reach full capacity. Private charters, on the other hand, are limited to your family, friends, or colleagues. Group fishing charters are best done on a private charter as you’re able to enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Chances of Catching Fish

You’re more likely to catch fish on a private charter than a public one since there’s less competition. Private boats are smaller in size and maneuverable, hence reach fishing spots that large open boats can’t reach. Also, if you want to go snook fishing, redfish fishing, or trout fishing, Native Angler Fishing Charters captain has the skills and knowledge of where the species reside during different seasons.

Your boat captain gets to know each individual in your group and your fishing capability. He can, therefore, offer the needed guidance as well as tailor the charter to match your fishing needs.

High Degree of Personal Attention

Booking a private fishing charter ensures that every member of your group gets personal attention from the captain and has enough of their own space for fishing on the deck without being overcrowded. Use the opportunity to request assistance and ask any other question you want about fish species.

Easy to Relax

Taking a group charter on a private boat helps you relax, knowing that you’re among familiar people. These are people who won’t judge you on your fishing capabilities and can guide you to improve your abilities. Spending the day at sea with people you know and whose company you enjoy helps you come back exhilarated and relaxed.

Break from the Norm by Hiring a Fishing Charter

Now that you know the best time to book a group charter and the benefits of taking a fishing charterbook your trip today. Native Angler Fishing Charters offers the best private charter services for your family, friends, or co-workers. Get in touch and reserve your spot!

If you have more than 4 people or would like to arrange a large group or corporate party, we can accommodate!