Seasonal Charters

Fishing in Florida can be fast and furious throughout the year, whether you’re fishing on land or booking a fishing charter. However, not all species are available throughout the year. As the water temperatures change, different fish migrate depending on where and when spawning takes place. Before booking a fishing charter, it’s advisable to reach out to Native Angler Fishing Charters captain, Ben Urion, and learn about the best times for in-season fishing.

With different fishing seasons in Palm Harbor, feel free to let your captain know which species you’re targeting. Ben Urion hopes to give you the most exciting fishing adventure and will, therefore, tailor the trip to meet your specific needs. Below are the fishing charters we offer during different seasons:

Snook Fishing in Season

Snook is a year-round species in Florida. However, their availability depends on the season. Native Angler Charters understands the snook annual cycle and uses their migratory patterns to know the best spots where fish tend to venture in.

  • Summer seasonal fishing– from April to the beginning of September when the weather is warm, large schools of snook migrate to southwest Florida and along the beaches for spawning.
  • Spring– after spawning, a colossal number of snook make it to the backwaters in the mangroves and flats. This makes early fall an excellent time to book a group charter for snook fishing. As spring comes, the fish moves out of their habitat, hungry and ready to bite anything edible that comes their way. Early spring is, therefore, the best time to catch snook, but they’ll be lean and mean, and catching them won’t be easy on your own unless you have a seasoned fishing charter to guide you with the best fishing tips!
  • Fall– If you like fishing in season, you can find snook in the warmer flats and less wild dunes during fall. These areas are rich in oysters that the snook feeds on in preparation for cold months ahead.
  • Winter– during winter, snook don’t need to feed for two months, making it the worst season to go snook fishing.

Redfish Fishing

Redfish is an all-year-round fish in Florida. However, they’re in season during fall and spring. As for the time of day of when they’ll be most likely to bite, redfish are a daytime fish. Hence, it’s a good idea to book Native Angler Fishing Charters during the day for a big haul and some classic catch photos for your Facebook or Instagram account.

  • Summer– If you’re keen on fishing in season, then summer is an excellent time to go on a redfish fishing trip. During these hot months, some big breeders devour anything in sight. The only disadvantage of catching redfish during summer is that some will be too big and have to be released rather than kept.
  • Spring– During spring, redfish are becoming active as the water grows warm. You can catch them near the oyster bars and under the mangroves.
  • Fall– As redfish prepare for winter, they move to the shallower flats looking for food until the water cools off.
  • Winter– During winter, you’ll find reds around the dock lights at night. However, they’re picky eaters in winter, making them hard to catch.

Grouper Fishing

In July and August, the weather is hot and the ocean stormy, and it’s also when the season opens for grouper fishing. During this season, you can expect to catch at least 2 groupers out of the many types available. However, there are rules protecting groupers which your private fishing charters captain should be familiar with that you may not be aware of and require following Florida fishing regulations.  Grouper fishing season lasts until December, and you should, therefore, make the best out of that time.

Kingfish Fishing

Kingfish prefer warm water with temperatures above 68 degrees and therefore migrate every time water temperatures decrease.  Fishing in season for kingfish differs depending on when you book your private fishing charter.

  • Summer– during summer, you’ll find large schools of kingfish along the shores, making it the best time to book a kingfish fishing charter.
  • Spring– in spring, kingfish fishing can be tricky as the migrating fish move offshore, approximately 70 to 100 feet underwater. They are one of the faster fish in the ocean, and you’ll require a high-speed troll of 4 to 5 knots to find and catch kingfish.
  • Fall– if you love fishing offshore, then then this is the best season to go on a kingfish fishing trip. During this time, large schools of kingfish are migrating offshore, heading for the deep reefs in preparation for winter.
  • Winter– during winter, kingfish are aggregated in a small area, making it easy and the best kingfish fishing season.

Trout Fishing

Trout is common in Florida and can be caught all year round. However, they are protected through catch-and-release regulations. During winter, trout hide in tall grass flats, but you can easily lure them out using baits. Fall is the best trout fishing season as large schools move in the shallow waters feeding on anything, including smaller trout.

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Fishing in season can be fun if you know where to look for a specific fish species. Booking private fishing charters makes your trip more exciting and successful in allowing you more time to enjoy being out on the water. Native Angler Fishing Charters captain Ben Urion understands local waters as well as different fish habits. He will use this knowledge to take you to the best fishing spots at any given season. Book your place today and have the best fishing experience!